Features & About

Website Creation and Management Doesn't Get Any Easier.

cmScribe was developed to make web development and management hassle-free.

cmScribe lets you easily edit and manage highly dynamic websites, even if you don’t know HTML or complex code. And it is browser-based, which means that you can update your site from any location, at any time.

Editing content is as easy as:

1. Log In 2. Edit Changes 3. Save

Fast, Flexible, and Cost Effective

With a full array of built-in features, cmScribe quickly and cost effectively adapts to your needs. So as your business grows and changes, so can your website – thanks to a modular design that allows you to add or remove capabilities as needed.

Who Gets Access? You Decide.

Micromanaging can be a good thing when it comes to making sure only certain people can do certain things to your site. cmScribe’s unique authentication and permission systems give you the power to grant or deny user access to all levels of your site.

The authentication system determines “who you are,” and then only allows approved individuals or groups into different areas of the site. You may also designate managers who are responsible for various areas of the site. The permission system determines “what you can do” once you’re granted access to the site – and is so flexible that you can manage access on an individual page level.

No other system gives you this much control.


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