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See All That You Can Do With cmScribe.

  Web Strategy & Benefits cmScribe Features
Market Smarter and Faster Market smarter and faster
  • Invisible and hidden pages
  • Friendly URLs
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  • Robust eCommerce Functionality
  • Integrated email newsletters
  • Integrated Google Analytics
Build and Grow Your Community Build and grow your online community
  • Blogs
  • Document repositories
  • Photo galleries
  • Calendaring features
  • People profiles with directory
  • Social networking options
Turn Your Website into a Dialog Turn your website into a high-speed customer dialog
  • Forms builder
    Featuring: instant auto responders, notification, and databased contacts manager as well as a saved user information option
Increase Your Customer Loyalty Increase your customer or membership loyalty
  • Memberships
  • Web alerts
  • Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds
  • Podcasts
  • Poll builder
  • Geolocator
  • Email a friend
Buils Section 508 Compliant Websites Build accessible and compliant sites
  • 508/W3C compliance & alt tag checker
  • Table editor includes options for table headers, summary and captions
  • cmscribe's flexibility easily allows you to add captions, help, transcriptions, and the ability to skip navigation
Keep Your Website's Content Fresh Keep your site content fresh
  • Rotating content
    Featuring: random update on refresh or daily, weekly, or monthly update schedules, integrated RSS, once and done content editing using csv
  • Dated news items
  • WYSIWYG page contextual editing
Web Application Building Toolset Build online apps and functional modules FAST!
  • Design reusable modules that can be shared across projects
  • Create complex data centers
  • Develop online applications that are easy to maintain
  • Modernize legacy applications


First Things First. How Does It Work?

It’s easiest to think of cmScribe as a set of building blocks. The different functions of cmScribe are called “panels,” and much like building blocks, they can be easily moved and repositioned on a page. For example, you can select a press release building block and add it to any page of the site with a quick point-and-click process. Then, if you don’t like how it fits with the other blocks on that page, you can simply point and click to move it around again. And the process is the same for all features and functionality, from basic text content to more robust features like blogging and form creation. With these "blocks," you have the freedom to design and build (and redesign and rebuild) your site as you see fit.

This ability to move things around so easily is due to the fact that cmScribe's features are dynamic – they’re all contained in a database. Usually, one drawback to database-driven architecture is that it generates long, complicated URLs that aren’t search engine friendly or easily remembered by the user. However, cmScribe avoids this issue by automatically creating simple URLs.

Built to Perform for the Future & Outperform the Competition.

cmScribe is built on Microsoft’s .NET 4.0 platform. In creating cmScribe, we strived for compliance with web standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (www.w3c.org). Standardized code makes for a site that is easier to update in the future, has much faster performance, and is forward compatible with future generations of standards-compliant browsers.

At its most basic level, cmScribe is a pre-built system. We’ve spent many hours on development and regression testing of cmScribe’s various features and modules to make sure they’re compatible with older versions of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)-compliant browsers and platforms. This extensive upfront work has produced a fully functional, ready-to-use system that saves clients the time and costs usually associated with custom development. And yet cmScribe still gives clients the flexibility to customize their sites.

So it’s kind of like getting designer, custom-made clothing at an off-the-rack convenience level and price point. Now that’s smart shopping!


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