Alternate Delivery Methods

The following alternate delivery method features are available in cmScribe – giving you the power to make the most of your investment.

Mobile Phone Friendly Pages

phone browsing web

As mobile phone technology improves, the number of web-enabled users is growing rapidly. If your website is not enabled for mobile phones, chances are it will not work properly for someone using a mobile device to browse the web. Optimizing your web pages for mobile phones means that you are making your site easier to access and thus available to a wider audience. Make sure people can access your site even when they are "on the go." With cmScribe, you can make sure users can read, navigate, and interact with your site, no matter where they are! 

 Printer-Friendly Pages

Print this page

This style feature formats page content in a way that is easy for a printer to reproduce. Via a simple check box, cmScribe users designate pages as printer friendly, and cmScribe does all the formatting behind the scenes. Site visitors who wish to have a printout of what they see on screen simply click on a link, and the page content prints out in this format. Printer-friendly pages are particularly useful for content such as news articles or press releases.

RSS Capability

RSS format

Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a format that allows news-related sites, weblogs, and other online publishers to offer continuous “webfeeds” of their regularly changing information to subscribing users. It essentially acts as a simple syndication service. Many of cmScribe’s standard features have RSS capabilities built in or allow them to be incorporated at the administrator’s discretion. To learn more about this important emerging communications trend, go to


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