Every installation of cmScribe offers the following basic features to help keep your site up-to-date. Even if your site doesn’t require these features now, it might in the future – and it's good to know that you can easily add them when the time comes.

Dated News Items

Dated News Items screenshot

You know the impression a site makes when the news section includes stories from two years ago. This feature helps your site from becoming outdated by managing date-sensitive content within the news and press release sections. These sections feature archives, where older items will be automatically moved when the set archive date is reached. Each news and press release record contains fields for date, title, teaser, archive date, and a check box to turn the item on or off.

Event Calendar

Calendar screenshot

A calendar display allows site visitors to search and browse scheduled events. Events for individual days, weeks, or even entire months can be displayed, with easy page controls that allow users to jump to any month and year instantly. Each event can be associated with a full page of information, including date, time, location, description, registration information, and an image – all manageable using browser-based tools. You can also activate and deactivate events with just one click, or mark events as “Featured,” which makes them appear in a sidebar for that particular month (e.g., “June Highlights!”).


Blog screenshot

This powerful communication tool allows people with permissions to create a blog entry that others can reply to through a commenting feature, creating a space where users can see the answers progress in an open forum of collaboration. The cmScribe weblog feature uses the Rich Site Summary (RSS) standard format, which expands the use of your blogging capabilities – by allowing anyone to subscribe to your content.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery screenshot

Uploading photos to your web gallery is a one-step operation – our automatic image resizing and thumbnail creation does all the work for you. Browse to photos on your PC and upload the images. The photo gallery resizes them and creates thumbnails and mid-sized images, automatically grouping the thumbnails into separate pages on your site. Photos can be organized into any number of categories and subcategories, and information such as title, subtitle, caption, and copyright is easy to assign.

Rotating Content

Rotating Content screenshot

Keep your site looking fresh without lifting a finger! Rotating content allows you to create multiple content items that cmScribe can rotate randomly, daily, weekly, or monthly. You decide.


Poll screenshot

This feature allows you to conduct online polls on your website. Polls consist of a question and a series of possible responses. Clicking a radio button associated with a response selects that response and displays a "VOTE" button (text of the "vote" button is editable). Clicking the Vote button casts a vote and takes the user to the Poll Results page.


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