The following basic content management tools are included in every cmScribe site to enable easy control over your website – giving you the power to make the most of your investment.

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Content Editing

Content Editing Graphic

This core feature of cmScribe allows you to add, edit, or delete content, sections, and pages from your site. A highly-flexible permission system lets you establish and control who can modify the site – select from managers, editors, approvers, or viewers only. And a spell checker helps ensure accuracy of all content.

Content Preview & Approvals

Content Preview and Approvals

This feature allows you to preview changes in a browser window prior to submitting them to the live site or to an authorized approver before going live. If you are not ready to approve your changes yet, they will remain in a "Pending" state until you are ready to approve them or discard them.

Revision Control of Changes (Version Rollback)

Version Rollback Menu

This is a favorite feature among cmScribe users. This feature stores the previous version of content every time new content is published using cmScribe. All content approved for publishing is tagged with a version code and saved in the system. A unique “rollback” feature allows your content editors to roll back to any earlier version of content when required. This is the ultimate safety net that essentially prevents any overwrites of critical content or damage to the live website in any way. It’s also ideal for times when you post temporary content to your site but then wish to return to the original content – you can retrieve your old content in just a few simple clicks.

For example, let’s say your cleaning company wants to generate interest in its new carpet cleaning service and decides to run a limited-time offer. Everyone who comes into the store and inquires about the service in the next 60 days will receive a $50 discount if they purchase the service. You can easily post this offer on your website using cmScribe. Then, when the 60 days is up, you can quickly and easily remove the offer and return to the original page layout and content using the rollback feature.

cmScribe's Rollback feature


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