Site-Building Tools

The following site-building tools are included in most cmScribe sites to enable easy control over your website – giving you the power to make the most of your investment.

Site Structure Management Tool

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Site structure management tool

This feature allows you to add and remove whole pages from the existing navigation of a site as well as move a page or section from one area to another. So if your business adds another division or offers a new service, you can quickly and easily change your site navigation to accommodate this change – you’re not locked into a site structure that doesn’t work for you.

Form Builder

Build form

This feature allows you to create multi-page forms and surveys. A unique feature lets users who are completing the forms or surveys on your site fill in some information, save the information, and then return to the site later to finish the document. This is a convenience that your site visitors will appreciate when completing a long form, such as an application, and can result in greater use of these online forms and surveys.

When you’re creating a form or survey, validated fields can be easily added, deleted, changed, and moved, often with just one click. Data submitted through these documents can be stored in the site’s database as well as emailed to a designated individual. If email information is captured, it can be integrated with other email marketing applications by simply downloading the email addresses and importing them into your email marketing tool of choice.

File Uploading

File uploading

Files, images, and rich media can be added to any page within the site. Once a file is uploaded, it remains in the document, image, or rich media repository, respectively. This allows you to use the file on multiple pages of the site. Adding a pdf file to the page is as easy as adding an attachment to an email. And the rich media upload feature even lets you upload and manage your video, audio, or Flash content.


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