Special Features

Although the basic features that come with cmScribe meet many people’s needs, other clients are looking for a little extra functionality. The following features are available as part of our Premium package.

Intranet and Client Extranet

cmScribe offers the capability to create and manage a corporate intranet and client extranet, essentially giving you “private” sites for employees or customers. Both intranets and extranets provide a common, central point for sharing and collaboration among users working from external locations. And security measures such as firewalls and log-ins ensure that only registered and authenticated users have access to the sites.

Intranets are usually used for internal, employee-only communications. Uses and benefits of intranets include:

  • Enhanced productivity through easy and immediate access to internal tools and applications.
  • Increased collaboration through online discussions and sharing of information.
  • Greater efficiencies—intranets can help reduce the number of meetings, document revisions, and other resource-consuming activities that can cost your company valuable time and money.
  • Greater flexibility for employees by enabling them to access important work information at any time, from any location.
  • Improved corporate communications to employees on issues such as technology, human resources, and marketing.

Extranets are often used for communications with external audiences with whom your company has relationships, such as customers, suppliers, or vendors. Uses and benefits of extranets include:

  • Improved company productivity through online ordering and other automated functions which were previously handled by employees.
  • More accurate and consistent communication due to customers having access to the most up-to-date information.
  • Greater customer satisfaction and convenience—customers get the information they need, when they need it.
  • Improved perception of your company by customers who expect this level of service and technology.
  • Business expansion—with extranets, your company can effectively establish relationships, communicate, and sell to any customer at any location in the world.
  • Overall improved customer relationships.

Document Repository

Document sharing using the web is becoming increasingly popular due to its ease of use and global scope. For companies with employees at multiple locations – whether it be four employees working from home or 4,000 employees in different international offices – document sharing is essential for many businesses. The document repository allows you to make downloadable documents available on your site and to assign them to either a public or private area. In the private area, your documents can be secured behind our intranet/extranet system, and you may manage any number of user log-ins and groups and distribute them as needed. Your authorized users in any location in the world can log in and view or upload documents in formats including PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and many more.


The Geo-Location system allows your site’s visitors to find your closest office locations by simply entering their zip code. Once a user enters a zip code, the system provides a list of locations sorted by “distance away.” Locations can be linked to driving directions from MapQuest, Yahoo! Maps, or Google Maps.


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