The following users/security features are included in every cmScribe site to enable easy control over your website – giving you the power to make the most of your investment.

User Management and Security

User Management and Security

An incredibly flexible permissioning system lets you create and assign any number of users to any number of groups and then grant or deny these groups authoring access to any pages within your site. You can even control access to different features on the pages – so you can allow Bob in Marketing to update the trade show schedule under the Events listing but not the News listing, even if they’re on the same page. This system enables you to set endless levels of permissions so that you have complete control over who is editing content within different areas of your site.

Authentication and Security

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Authentication and security

User authentication and site security are critically important and are key components of cmScribe. The Content Management System (CMS) is secured through a standard login page with user name and password. User accounts may be associated with a particular page or pages throughout the site. Users will only see “Edit” buttons and other content management functionality that they are authorized for when they are logged in.

This feature enables the creation of private extranet areas where your company’s employees can work with other employees, vendors, and other authorized contacts. The extranet can be used for private discussions, uploading, and sharing of documents and materials, and many other activities that need to occur in a secure setting.

cmScribe can also be integrated into an organization’s existing authentication and security system.


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