Web Application Building Toolset

With its powerful features, slick graphical user interface and intuitive workflows, cmScribe is everything you’re looking for in a commercial CMS—and more. We added functionality, called cinnApps, that allows you to go beyond content. You no longer need custom programming to create new functionality or a full-scale application.

What is cinnApps?

Available as part of the cmScribe Enterprise license, cinnApps is a development toolset for rapidly building web-based applications without programming. Using cinnApps, technical project managers and designer/developers with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can build complex relational database applications on-the-fly by pointing, clicking, dragging and dropping instead of writing, compiling and maintaining code. Because cinnApps is entirely data and UI driven, no code customization is required to build advanced web applications—so you never need to worry about custom code compatibility. Newer versions of cmScribe automatically upgrade all add-ons.

Write once. Run forever.

Web Application Building Toolset

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