eCommerce Module

This fully-featured e-Commerce system allows you to promote and sell your products online. With our browser-based catalog and order management tools, you can quickly and easily manage a vast array of products and product variants. Features of the e-Commerce module include:

  • Shopping Cart System, including Customer Registration and Account Management.
  • Catalog Management and Order Management.
  • Multiple Pricing Structures and Sales Tax Calculation.
  • Safe Credit Card Encryption (Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)) Integration.
  • Customized Discount Functionality.
  • Flexible Shipping Structures and Shipping Notification via email for improved client relations.
  • Membership Purchase.
  • Donations Acceptance.
  • Unlimited Product Categories.
  • Product Variants – size, color, dimensions, etc.
  • Store Search.
  • Multiple Payment Portals.
  • Mini-cart.
  • Customer Email Notifications.
  • Wish List/Lightbox.
  • Product Ratings & Reviews.
  • Related Items.

cmScribe eCommerce Overview »

Because commerce can be very complicated and different, customers have unique requirements. The e-Commerce module can be modified to accommodate specialized needs. Costs vary and can be determined during the technical specification phase of a project.

cmScribe's eCommerce module

Contact Nancy Parsons at 215-909-9005 to discuss your particular e-Commerce needs, or via email . 

Web-to-Print catalog generation, an extension to the e-Commerce module, is available optionally. This enables users to take their cmScribe content and repurpose it to create a high-resolution, print-ready catalog of the products on their cmScribe site. Users can select which areas of content they would like featured in the catalog and automatically assign print formatting attributes. When this file is imported into a print layout and design page template, the content and print attributes are recognized, and the content prints out as a formatted catalog. For users who need a print-based catalog, this feature can be an invaluable tool, as it ensures consistency between online and print content, reduces or even eliminates redundant marketing efforts, and ultimately saves time, money, and resources.


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