cmScribe has all of the features you and your web team need to create and manage your site. And with our generous role-based licensing, you can forget about "per user pricing," “user packages,” "seats," or "cost per unit (cpu)" pricing models — with cmScribe your whole team plays no matter how large or small!

Choose the Option That's Right For You.

cmScribe comes in three out-of-the-box packages: Small Business, Professional, and Enterprise. The eCommerce Module is included in the Enterprise package or can be added to the Professional packages, starting at $2,250 for basic commerce. We've listed the different options and administrative roles included in each of these packages below. We can help you determine the best solution for your project, or create a customized package with only the features you require.


  Small Business Professional Enterprise   eCommerce*
  Single-Site Single-Site Multi-Site Single/Multi-Site    
Roles & Users    
Content Editor Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Content Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Designer Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes
User Manager No Yes Yes Yes   Yes
eCommerce Manager No No No Yes   Yes
Roles 3 4 4 unlimited   4
Users 3 unlimited unlimited unlimited   unlimited
Modules   Starts at $2,250
Simple Form Builder Yes Yes Yes Yes * Included in Enterprise, can be added to Professional Plans.
Site-wide Search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Services-ready Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Form Builder No Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Calendar No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Content Prototypes No Yes Yes Yes
Multi-language Capable No Yes Yes Yes
eCommerce No No No Yes
cinnApps (web app building toolset) No No No Yes
Site Setup (dev server environment provided at NetReach for FREE)
  1 mo. 2 mo. 3 mo. 5 mo.
  1 1 up to 3 up to 6
Training & Support
Online Documentation Yes Yes Yes Yes
End User Training 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 2 hours
Technical Support 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours 6 hours
Software Maintenance (yearly upgrades)
  20% 20% 20% 20%
Pricing $3,600 $5,500 $7,200 CALL
Monthly Cloud/SaaS Option  Available for all licenses, call for more information  
Prices subject to change.
Rev 01.10.2012
Contact: Nancy Parsons, Executive VP
215-909-9005 |


What does role-based licensing mean?

cmScribe uses a "role-based" pricing scheme, versus the more common way software is licensed (typically by number of users or Central Processing Units (CPUs) — a price structure that can multiply your costs quickly!). cmScribe has five types of administrative roles and we can assign an unlimited number of users to any of the roles, each with their own log-in and unique user profile.


Some of our clients have more complicated website administration requirements. So for example, a company with both a Marketing and Human Resources (HR) department may only want to allow HR to edit the job postings and employee manuals on the website, and a Content Editor role can be created that gives HR permission to those pages, while preventing access to the rest of the pages on the site. The Content Manager role created for Marketing could have permissions to everything on the site except the HR area. While you can have unlimited users in each of those roles, that would be an example where two roles would be required as the specific permissions are different.

cmScribe allows for very granular and flexible permissioning. Talk with a NetReach representative about your particular needs.


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