Video 1: Templates


Almost everything in cmScribe is stored in the database, including Templates. In cmScribe, a Template is a way of defining how the software will assemble and present your pages based on the designs and functionalities that you want. In many other CMSes, a template consists of a set of files on the server, but in cmScribe you’ll create your templates within the CMS itself.

Templates in cmScribe can also be “nested” which allows you to easily share common elements between templates while still having the flexibility to create as many different templates as you need. Another way of looking at “nested templates” is that you can create a new template by building on an existing one, keeping all the elements in the base template in one place.

Planning Your Site’s Template Structure

  • Figure out which site elements are common to all pages of your site. These will be included in a “base template” upon which all the other templates will be built. In a lot of cases this will be the header and footer but will depend on the site.
  • For smaller sites you may be able to plan out the all the templates you need at this point, which may be just a handful (“interior wide”, “interior 2 column”, etc.
  • For sites that are still in development you may not know all the templates you’ll need at the start.
    • Try to plan ahead and anticipate future needs
    • For example, if you are creating a 3 column template, instead of starting with the “base template” you may want to first create a 1 or 2 column template and then base the 3 column template on that. This will help to avoid duplicating layouts later on.

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