Video 2: Panels & Regions



Panels are used to add cmScribe functionality to your website. They are organized into categories, which include:

  • Content (examples: Basic Content, Video, Audio)
  • Template / Page Building (examples: Content, Layout)
  • Navigation (examples: Crumb Trail, List Nav)
  • Forms (examples: Form, Login)
  • Email A Friend
  • Polls
  • Search
  • Store
  • User Directory / Extranet
  • Web Application Builder

Most Panels have various parameters that allow you to configure the way they will behave. In cmScribe, all Panels are dynamic since everything in cmScribe is in a database; however some Panel functions are “inherently static” (i.e. Basic Content) and some are dynamic (i.e. List Nav). By default, Site Developers are permissioned (via cmScribe’s “Designer Role”) to add Panels at both the Template and individual Page level. When a content panel is added on a Template, changing the content of that Panel on one page will change it on every page built from that same template.


In order to add Panels to your Templates you have to define where they should go by including placeholders called “Regions” in your Template’s Layout. cmScribe uses its own markup to define these placeholders in your HTML. cmScribe’s Region markup consists of a string of text between double square brackets:

[[Region Name String]]

They can be used in both Templates and Pages.


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