Video 3: Insertion Points


Literally, an “Insertion Point” in cmScribe is just another Panel type that you place into a Region. Insertion Points can be confusing for Site Developers, because their purpose is to allow you or a Site Manager to add other Panels into that Insertion Point on a page, when you use that Template. When you add an Insertion Point you're saying "When I use this Template I want to be able to add other stuff (i.e. Panels) to this spot." They can only be used at the Template level.

Content in Templates

To allow unique content to be added on a page-by-page basis, you need to add Insertion Points to the template and then you add the Content Panels to the page. The main thing to think about when building a template is how to set up your editable content areas. If you add Content panels directly to a template, then the content added to them will be the same on every page that uses that template (and every template based on it).

Adding Insertion Points to Your Templates

  • Add Insertion Points
    • For building more templates
      • For example, if your base template only contains the header and footer of the site, you would include a [[Placeholder]] in between those containers and add an Insertion Point Panel. This will allow you to add to that area in a separate template.
    • For adding panels on pages
      • You probably won’t have any content in the header and footer that you’ll want to be unique on each page, but if you did it would also require an Insertion Point.

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