Known Issues

We're working hard to squash the remaining bugs in cmScribe 6, including those submitted by everyone participating in the preview. If you think you've found a bug, please check this list of known issues first, as there may be a workaround. If your issue is not listed here, please let us know.

I get an error when I log in to my site in IE/Chrome/Safari/Opera

We are working on supporting all modern browsers, but during the cmScribe 6 Preview, only Firefox 3.5 and above are fully supported for administering your site. Firefox is free to download is is available for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Sites built with cmScribe will display properly in all browsers as long as you adhere to current web standards and only use HTML/CSS features that are supported in your target browsers.

When viewing my site in Manage mode or editing a Template, elements of my site are overlapping the cmScribe UI or Panels/Layouts aren't showing up where I'm expecting them to be.

Because the cmScribe UI is so tightly integrated into your site, CSS positioned elements (relative/absolute/fixed) can sometimes overlap parts of the UI, preventing you from accessing them. We are working on a solution that will prevent this from happening, but in the meantime, there are a couple of ways to work around this:

  1. Use a DOM inspector like Firebug to "delete" elements from the rendered view of the page to allow you to access anything that might be behind them. You're not really deleting anything, rather you're just removing them from the DOM that's currently loaded in your browser. If you reload the page, (or click Apply to save changes), you'll see everything return to its original state.
  2. Set the z-index property on any positioned elements to 1. You can do this so it only applies in Manage mode by using the ".cms-mode-manage" class on the body tag. This should prevent any overlapping while leaving the live and edit modes unchanged.

My Javascript/jQuery isn't working / I'm getting a Javascript error.

There could be a number of reasons for scripts not running properly, but here are a few things to check:

  • There are 2 copies of jQuery being added to the page. cmScribe 6 includes the latest version of jQuery so you don't need to include your own.
  • jQuery plugins or scripts depending on jQuery are being added to the page before jQuery itself. In cmScribe 6, you should be using the new Scripts feature to add all Javascript. It works the same way the Styles feature does and allows you to type or copy and paste scripts directly or link to a .js file. Once added, you will then be able to add them to the Page or Template level by clicking "Scripts" in the toolbar.

  • Scripts are added in a <head> Content panel - If you add scripts using the <head> Content panel, they will be added at the top of the HEAD, before jQuery and other Scripts are included.



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