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No Design Compromise.

Our flexible, nested template system doesn’t impose any limitations on your Information Architecture (IA), site design, or content. If you can design it, cmScribe can build it -- fast.

Web Application Building Toolset

cinnApps is a development toolset for rapidly building web-based applications without programming. Using cinnApps, technical project managers and designer/developers with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS can build complex relational database applications on-the-fly by pointing, clicking, dragging and dropping instead of writing, compiling and maintaining code. Because cinnApps is entirely data and UI driven, no code customization is required to build advanced web applications—so you never need to worry about custom code compatibility. Newer versions of cmScribe automatically upgrade all add-ons.

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Custom Content Prototypes

Simple drag and drop controls allow you to build and reuse your own feature “add-ons.” For example, quickly put together a blog prototype that includes the elements you require, such as date, author, topic category, comments, RSS, etc., and style them to display whichever way you want.

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Standards Compliance

We’ve taken great care to ensure that cmScribe’s “automatically-generated” out-of-the-box codebase is compliant with WCAG and Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Please visit these sites to see cmScribe version 5.5 delivering content targeted to users visiting the web with assistive technologies:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly

Yup, we really are. Compliant code goes a long way towards optimization AND we’ve eliminated the ugly URL!

Built-In Caching System

It’s important for your website to load as quickly as possible; users want to see your web pages fast, and if you can’t give them that they’ll go somewhere else. cmScribe has been optimized for caching, which helps reduce web server load, as well as speed up page response times. This feature eliminates some resource-intensive database queries, aiding your website in performing better.

Slick Software UI.

We ripped it apart and put it back together with your workflow in mind. Ajax gives you a desktop application feel and fast response. Mode switcher allows you to switch between on-page content editing, page management, and live view states with the click of a button. All the tools you need are easily accessible at the top of your screen: CSS styles, scripts, and templates. Drag and drop makes it quick to add styles, pages, and even create your own custom content types. 

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  • jQuery is built right in if you need it.
  • Build HTML5 sites now using HTML4/XHTML1 compatible markup, or use the latest features in HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Easily add Flash video (.flv) and MP3 audio to any page.
  • Fast custom user forms with reCAPTCHA.

Scalable Platform—Painless Upgrades.

Both of these topics are forward looking and thinking…


First off, cmScribe is a very flexible system. It’s also modular and accommodates growth and additional functionalities. For example, if you or your client needs to add the ability to sell or promote products, register users, accept donations, build and deliver online training, integrate third-party applications, or even build web-based applications, we’ve done all of that with cmScribe.

Painless Upgrades:

We addressed this issue a long way back. Back when the developers got tired of having to reintegrate custom code into every client’s newly upgraded website. Basically, there’s no custom code in cmScribe, even for advanced web-based applications. So there is no code maintenance, upgrades are simple, and your client’s “custom” business logic is not broken.


A full-featured commerce platform that integrates with, PayPal, Pay Flow Pro, and ACH allows you to promote, sell, and manage your products online. You can also collect donations, sell and manage memberships or event registrations, offer coupons, and more.

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Easy & Intuitive for Your Clients.

Your clients will appreciate cmScibe’s easy to understand on-page editing metaphor and familiar WYSIWYG editing tools. Happy clients are loyal clients!

“After struggling with JOOMLA, our staff is easily learning to use cmScribe. It is intuitive. We can update and add to our site easily! Thank you, NetReach!”

— Margot Bradley, Farm Coordinator, Pennypack Farm and Education Center

User Management.

cmScribe has a role-based user management scheme. There are five administrative roles built into the software, and each role can have unlimited users:

  1. Content Editor
  2. Content Manager
  3. Designer
  4. User Manager
  5. Store Manager (Commerce)

Permissions are flexible and granular:

However, cmScribe is a true-multi user system where persons with User Manager role privileges can create any number of other user groups and assign unlimited users to those groups. Each group can have its own set of customized privileges, including down-to-the-page level access. Users can self-activate via an email or be activated manually by the User Manager. Each user can manage his/her own Profile.

This structure is not only helpful for large websites with multiple content editors across various departments and responsibility for different site content,  it’s critical for membership organizations, extranets/intranets, and online communities.

Version Control:

Changes made to content are stamped with the date, time, and user, allowing you to track changes and roll back to any previous state. The Pending Content report gives you a one-page view of each edit awaiting approval. 


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