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cmScribe Supports Your Online Success

cmScribe Content Management System (CMS) is a web development and maintenance platform that allows you to take control of your website by making changes to the site, whether they are simple content edits, adding and moving pages, or even adding advanced features and functionality. cmScribe is built to work now and support your needs in the future.

Easy to Use.

Intuitive on-page editing metaphor and familiar MS Word-like WYSIWYG editing tools will have you editing and adding content quickly: Go to the page, click the edit button, make changes—preview or publish, and you’re done. Need to go back to a previous version of the content? Simple! Just use the Version Control menu and roll back to any saved version.

Watch Basic Content Editing and Roll-back. »

Powerful Pre-Built Features Support Your Site’s Growth.

All of cmScribe’s features and add-ons are fully QA tested and supported so that you don’t have to worry about something breaking on your site. In fact, it’s easy for Content Managers to quickly add sophisticated features to their site without any technical assistance or an IT department. For example, add multi-page user forms (form builder includes email auto-responders, notifications, databased submissions, and reCAPTCHA options), polls and surveys, blogs, email a friend, audio and video, photo gallery, etc., with a few mouse clicks.

Search Engine Friendly (Search Engine Optimization (SEO)).

Let’s not kid ourselves: unless your website is a .gov or another high-authority site, what you do off-site is critical to your website’s SEO strategy. With that being said, you also want to ensure that you’ve covered all the bases with your on-site optimization, and aren’t fighting your CMS along the way.

Compliant, well-written HTML is search-friendly HTML. cmScribe is programmatically compliant with WCAG and Section 508 of the Americans With Disabilities Act, allowing for proper indexing of your site by search engines. cmScribe also allows you to assign short, “clean” search-friendly URLs to any page. You can also adjust page titles and navigation to be different if required. Though somewhat depreciated as a tactic, they are never the less important for organic returned results, and cmScribe allows you to quickly add meta tags and descriptions to any page.

Flexible and Scalable.

cmScribe has been tested in real-world applications for over 8 years, running highly dynamic and high-traffic sites for universities, non-profits, and commercial sites, including Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant, secure, real-time transactional commerce. Please take a look at some of the sites running the current version of cmScribe.

cmScribe supports your publishing workflow. cmScribe has flexible and granular permissioning that makes it easy for your organization to provide content owners access to their part of the website, while restricting them from the rest. For example, you can allow Human Resources to have control of the Careers section, and Public Relations to have access to the News and Press section. Decide who’s only allowed to edit and who can edit and publish live. Quickly see site-wide content and update statuses using the Pending Content Report.

Support. We’re There When You or Your Site's Developer Needs Us.

Our company’s success depends on your websites’s success. We want you to use the software and we want our software to deliver a competitive edge to your business. We have a dedicated team of consultants, designers, and technology specialists, including the developers who wrote the software, ready and willing to provide assistance and training to ensure that objective.


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